The Uninterrupted Production of the Object

exhibition at Rampa, Istanbul

Rampa will be hosting Slovenian art collective IRWIN’s exhibition titled The Uninterrupted Production of the Object between January 18 and February 15, 2014 at its main gallery.

IRWIN, an artist collective founded in 1983 and composed of Dušan Mandic, Miran Mohar, Andrej Savski, Roman Uranjek and Borut Vogelnik, has been working in very diverse mediums ranging from oil painting to art in public space, from sculpture to installation and publishing books for thirty years. In accordance with their own “retro principle”, IRWIN combines motifs and signs of different historical political and artistic movements; reconstructs these motifs through different political and artistic ideologies, and deconstructs and transforms them in the visual sphere.

IRWIN’s exhibition at Rampa, The Uninterrupted Production of the Object, brings together the icons that comprise the corpus of the hundred plus framed paintings and objects the collective has been working on and expanding since 1985.

Icons do not build an image of reality; to the contrary, they are a semantic whole constructed according to strict moral teachings. Since icons seek to convey the original rather than to reconstruct reality as if looking at the world from a different window they propose to repeat the structure of the first icon. In fact, the preservation of the original in essence is only rendered possible through its constant reproduction.

In addition to the series of new works dedicated to the monochromatic paintings which have been the focus of the collective’s exploration in recent years, and historical Orthodox and modern icons, IRWIN will also present well renowned Dadaist works resituated in a new context for their exhibition at Rampa. Building the system of thick heavy frames which could be considered IRWIN’s signature, the collective strives to encourage the audience to adopt a critical approach.

Icons are regarded as some of the best works among IRWIN’s artistic practice both formally and conceptually. While in the collective’s early works it is possible to observe abstract relations in the seemingly “iconophile” icons at first glance, in the monochromes series they have been producing in recent years one can readily discern a reversal: the main concern for IRWIN is no longer the definition of a contemporary artwork solely through its appearance but also though its intrinsic logic.

IRWIN’s exhibition The Uninterrupted Production of the Object reflects the relentless explorations of the collective, which have been testing the boundaries of painting for three decades.


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Opening Hours Tuesday – Saturday 11:00 – 19:00