State in Time in Leipzig

Supporting the 1st NSK FOLK ART Biennale 2013

Three exhibitions in Leipzig on occasion of the 30-year-jubilee of Neue Slowenische Kunst

»NSK: Past – Present – Future // 1984 – 2014 – 2045« about the history of the artist collective

»1st NSK Folk Art Biennale« featuring NSK State artists

»State In Time« by IRWIN, one of the founding groups of NSK

The exhibition »NSK: Past – Present – Future« marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of NSK by depicting the development of the Slovenian artist collective »Neue Slowenische Kunst« from its birth within the context of Yugoslavian alternative culture in the 80s through the founding of the NSK State in Time in 1991, and offers a glimpse into the future.

In addition nearly 40 citizens of the NSK State from all over the world will present a selection of their artwork within the frame of the »1st NSK Folk Art Biennale«. Parallel to these exhibitions, Kulturný dom B31 presents the exhibition »State In Time« by artist group IRWIN, one of the founding groups of NSK. IRWIN members will be present at the opening.

The Spinnerei exhibitions will be complimented by diverse events such as performances and a film program, as well as a symposium covering the phenomena of the existence of a folk art not based on regional, religious or ethnic characteristics, but which globally articulates the self-identification with the strategies of NSK. Additional events and performances are planned for the Spinnerei gallery tour on May 3 and 4, 2014.

The events are hosted by the Collective for Transnational Art and Culture (e.V.) and the local group NSK STAAT LIPSK which was founded in the wake of the 1st NSK Citizens' Congress (held in October 2010 at the House of World Cultures in Berlin) and ranks among the most active branches of NSK State worldwide.