"Essays in Geopoetics", 8 Mercosul biennial, Porto Alegre

General concept

The theme of the 8th edition of the Mercosul Biennial – Essays in Geopoetics is territory and its critical redefinition from an artistic viewpoint. It will assemble around 100 artists from several countries dealing with topics related to this discussion: mapping, colonisation, frontier, customs, transnational alliances, geopolitical constructs, locality, scientific travels, nation and politics. According to José Roca, the chief curator for this edition, “The 8th Biennial wants to show alternatives to the conventional idea of nation and discuss new cartographies, the relationships between political and geographical conditions, a positioning between the regional and the global, the routes of circulation and exchange of symbolic capital, citizenship in non-urban areas, the political status of fictional nations and the relationship between science, travel and colonisation.”

The curatorial concept is being developed across seven major actions, approached through two strategies – exhibitionary and activating. In the latter (which may also result in an exhibition), there is an emphasis on the relationship between artist and public. In the former the emphasis lies in the artwork and its relationship with the works of other artists and the proposed theme.